I am going to be updating my home server and I thought it would be nice to document how I set it up. Hopefully others can benefit from the countless hours I have spent messing around with laborious tasks that really should be easy to find out about and implement.

In this first post, I am going to outline what I have set up going over the different components I have to make up my complete server configuration. Future posts will hopefully cover the following:

  1. Hardware - What hardware do I have for the job
  2. Software - What software am I running on each piece of hardware
  3. Router - How to set up a Linux router
  4. Web server - Setting up a basic web server and then adding on additional services - ownCloud, Transmission, Ghost and SickRage
  5. Mail server - Setting up a mail server and using Modoboa

I think that covers everything.

When setting up a server, one of the first considerations you have is that of security. You really don't want to set something up that anyone can break into and take apart without much effort. You want your enemies to at least have to work for that feeling of success. For this reason, you want to start by setting up a firewall that protects you from the outside world. This firewall will be contained within my router. As this router is distributing internet to everyone else in my house as well, it also needs to have the ability to allow others to connect via wireless. The wireless will be distributed using a separate wireless router acting as a wireless access point.

Secondly, I will be setting up a web server, the function of which is to serve my web needs. A blog for me to write about setting up blogs, owncloud for me to access my data from anywhere and SickRage, ummmmmmm, which I obviously don't use or have and am only going to explain for others to benefit from :-)

Lastly, I will be configuring a separate box for my mail server, to ensure increased security and maximised up time. The mail server will check for spam emails as well as viruses and any other nonsense that we are regularly plagued with these days. It will also make configuration of email and setting up of new email accounts as easy as possible.

If you are interested in setting up some or all of these stay tuned for future posts.