After countless years of daunting dilly-dallying, I have finally mustered the courage to get off my ass (metaphorically not literally) and start writing some nonsense on my very own blog.

The first hurdle I tirelessly worked to overcome was the choosing of a blogging platform. Oh the number of choices available, choices, choices, the true bane of existence (however a rather valuable bane, if such a thing were to exist).

Those of you who know your blogging platforms may recognise this to be Ghost. After looking through a few of the options, I was quite impressed with Ghost and its simplicity. Obviously the platform I chose had to be free software, as choosing anything else would require someone to be out of their mind. I was also not after creating an entire website with so many features that I would never even manage to figure out 99% of them and only use that one small feature of posting to a blog. I did not want to spend hours figuring out how to use and configure properly an overly complex platform and then try and beautify it to meat some vain desire deep down within my gruesome self. I just wanted the simple bread and butter of blogging - I type some nonsense and hit post and it gets posted. No need to play around with formatting of the post, or purchasing a new server to deal with a crazy resource hog or viewing a stupid admin interface that allows you to make a cow jump over the moon - Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS).

Ghost does exactly this. You type a blog post, writing in markdown with a two pane interface. On the left is what you have written and on the right is a nice live preview to show you how it will appear. No stupid toolbars with countless buttons, half of which you will never use, no switching from keyboard to mouse to try and format your text correctly, if you want something made bold put some bold tags around it. Everything from the lovely keyboard!

How on Earth do you spell blog?

I will try and post some instructions on setting up Ghost on a server, but for now I will continue to be overwhelmed by the shear beauty of Ghost. Well done creators, you have done an excellent job.